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What Are the Key Trends for the Season?

By January 17, 2018July 6th, 2018No Comments

You might be trying to forget the trend mooted as this season’s big surprise: the bike short. It came from our own Dion Lee and cycled its way onto the legs of Kim K and Kendall Jenner.

So that might not be for everybody – or anybody – but one thing is clear: fashion is enjoying an era of fun and individuality. Here are some of the trends expected to manifest as we enter the summer of 2018.


The emergence of sequins in daywear could be blamed on Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele, who has brought us sparkle-for-all-occasions every season since his first show in 2015. His are exxy, however, and while there are some wild vintage pieces to be found, the entrance level option might be this Witchery sequin tank with a soft pastel jean (to soften it and reference another trend – see below).


Lilac, in particular, is having a moment. Victoria Beckham styled lilac on lilac in her show and it didn’t look too, well, lilac. Pale pink is an old fave, and you can nail the still strong 80s revival in Gorman’s ‘blushing pantsuit’.


Gorman $249.00


The concept of clashing patterns has been thrown at us by many a designer yet most wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole. One easy way to clash patterns without creating a deafening discord is to choose a classic pattern such as the Breton stripe, then go wild with the other. Try these fun colour wheel jeans by Gorman. Another take on this is pairing the best of embroidery and denim with this Spell & The Gypsy Collective shirt.

spell gorman

There was a fringe-binge on the summer runway shows, and Prada’s pairing of a  feather fringed silk dress with chunky biker boots proved another great example of high-low. An Aussie summer tribute to the trend can be found at Gorman and Country Road – both takes on Gucci’s fringed slides.

gorman country road

This is one of the most wearable trends for summer. High-low this cute Camilla and Marc blouse with acid washed denim shorts from Just Jeans.

camilla and marc just jeans


As for that scary thigh-chafing blast from our 90s past, when even Nina Ricci, Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent are brandishing the long narrow short, it’s a hard one to ignore. Try the soft version: a tailored short that finishes at the knee (and this time wear a heel).

The good news is that while the shapes and silhouettes for spring/summer ’18 are structured, they are so in a more relaxed way, just as the styles are loose and accommodating. The key to it all is knowing what is flattering for your body shape, colouring, and personal style.

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