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Written by Nadia

Hello, real women of the world.

How is swimsuit shopping turning out for you all? Is it frustrating? No? Is it just me then?

We all know the answer to that question. No, it’s not just me, or you – swimsuit shopping is frustrating for everyone on a multitude of levels. The weird change room light or mirror, online brands featuring size 6 models with push up bras, designs completely disregarding function… And when coupled by the heatwave – let’s just say there are a few things that make swimsuit shopping a difficult terrain to maneuver.

This frustration is coupled by the fact there are elements of your body that you want to accentuate (or maybe hide) and it is so hard to know which style is right for you. Generally (and we know that each one you is unique) stringy tops don’t work for a big bust and have you ever bent over on the beach and felt your bum crack smiling at the crowds behind you?

This is our gift to you, the frustrated, real women of our community – a swimsuit guide (and on-app experience) that will ensure you look and feel amazing on the beach this summer, heatwave or no heatwave. Shop and enjoy, ladies.


Big “girls” are hard to take care of, and the worst thing is feeling like they are going to be all over the place as you swim and run around the beach. We recommend athleisure-style tops that enclose the chest, or strapless styles that are perfectly moulded and tight to your measurement to avoid straps digging into your shoulders. Also, underwire is always your friend – pieces of fabric won’t provide any support!

Search “Big Boobs” on your Shop You app and flick through more options!


It could be challenging to flatter the chest area when you have no bust. Strapless, bandeau styles could be cute and can gather what you have got to create the illusion of cleavage. Frills, embellishment and off-the-shoulder designs can also add a bit of va-va-voom to your chest. Otherwise, a bit of padding is an easy go-to to get that confidence boost!

Ask for “Flat Chest” swimwear on your Shop You app and enjoy your personalised selection…

Big Bum

String bikinis and high waisted bikini can feel uncomfortable and too revealing. Also, picking out your wedgies or shifting the fabric constantly for more coverage is annoying! We recommend block, flat colours for the bottom with enough fabric back there, and less fabric around the sides. Less fabric on the sides will draw attention away from your hip area, whilst the ample amount of fabric at the back will provide coverage that you need to feel comfortable.

Search “Big Bum” on your Shop You app and flick through x

Flat Booty

You need to use the Chest hack, but flipped around. Look for swimwear that has frills, embellishment or other off-the-body design features on the bottom half of your body to add something special to your booty. Shop and flaunt it with confidence, lady.

Ask for “Flat Bum” swimwear on your Shop You app and enjoy!

Full Thighs

Concealing fuller thighs usually call for more coverage at the bottom to hide the uppermost part of the thigh, or using horizontal lines to your advantage. This straightens out their line, making your thighs appear flatter and slimmer.

Search “Big Thighs” on your Shop You app and flick through!

Thin Thighs

Contrary to popular opinion, thin girls feel uncomfortable showing their very small thighs as much as fuller girls do with their thighs. We recommend taking cover with A-line swim skirts or string styles with ties on the sides to draw the attention to the bow, ornament or panel design on the sides of your thighs, rather than the centre of it.

Ask for “Thin Thighs” swimwear on your Shop You app and shop away.

A Bit of a Tummy

Hiding the stomach area is quiet easy, with a swim top always being a great option. One-pieces with elaborate patterns can distract the eye from focusing on the curves happening underneath. A very flat, matte colour and fabric is also a great option, as such fabrics kill dimensions, making your stomach appear flat.

Search “A Tummy” on your Shop You app and choose your favourite style <3

Broad Shoulders

Balancing out broad shoulders is not difficult to do. Avoid any adornments of the shoulders – such as frills, off-the-shoulder designs or embellishment on the shoulders. Focus on getting a design that accentuates the central part of your body, whether that be a cut out design on the chest or a lace-up front.

Ask for “Broad Shoulders” swimwear on your Shop You app and flick through x

Back Fat

Flesh rolls – one thing we could all do without. Having them is fine, but if you would like to hide them for your day out on the beach, follow these tips: Select one-pieces that cover your back from the bra line down. This way you will be able to show off bit of the back but not the extra bits that come with it. A high-waisted bikini bottom is also pretty great as it actually creates a formal division between the top and bottom part of your back, making the shadows on your back less jarring.

Search “Back Fat” on your Shop You app and enjoy your personalised selection.

Athletic Build

Having a toned figure with visible muscle lines is a fantastic achievement, let us congratulate you on that first! But insecurities sometimes gets us at the best of times, and if you feel that you would like to lessen the visibility of your muscles and look slightly softer, you have all the right to feel that way. A sweat-heart neckline is a classic and feminine design that you can wear to parties but also to the beach. A shirred midriff or curvy panel designs through the body also adds curvy lines to the body.

Ask for “Athletic Build” swimwear on your Shop You app and flick through our choices for you.

For more outfits you’ll thanks us for later, download Shop You.

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