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When it comes to choosing the ultimate winter coat, it has to not only look good, but be both functional and versatile. We’ve put together out ultimate guide to buying a winter coat to make your lives a little bit easier this winter.

It needs to warm us on our commute to and from work, or when we’re braving the cold outdoors. It should be flattering but also accommodate all the layers we’re going to pile beneath it.

We know you’re busy (hustle, hustle, hustle ladies) and this is why we’ve gone to the effort of swiping through all the styles out there to put together our ultimate guide of things you need to consider when buying a winter coat.

1. Leave room for layers

If it looks great but you have no room in the shoulders or arms, it’s an instant no. Tightness in these areas is a big red flag. When shopping for winter coats, always make sure you have plenty of room around the upper body. When trying on winter coats, it helps to come prepared with a few different layers to throw on underneath whilst in the changing room, or just go for a bigger size than you would normally.

2. Check the tag

Don’t be fooled by the acrylics dressed as wool. Make sure you read each and every label very carefully. Even if the sign says ‘Wool’, always double check the label. Not only will this help when washing (or dry cleaning) your new coat but also so you can avoid unnecessary sweating with nasty acrylics. Materials like polyester are bad heat retainers so don’t be fooled by designer names or high price points, they can be just as guilty of user cheaper materials.

3. Choose for your body shape

While we all love to follow the latest trends, don’t just pick a winter coat because it’s currently in fashion. Make sure it looks great on your body shape. Try a long tailored coast if you have a have a rectangular figure. If you have a small waist, invest in a coat with a belt to accentuate it even more.

4. All the occasions

That vibrant and jazzy coat might look great with one or two pairs of block coloured pants but it might not go with everything. Find a winter coat that’s not just versatile but universal. Key is it shouldn’t clash with more than 40% of your wardrobe. You should be able to pair it with a bunch of different outfits and for a myriad of occasions.

5. Pockets are a must

Sure, we all have a trusty handbag (or five) that we take everywhere we go so you might not see the importance of pockets but when it’s below 10 degrees outside, your hands will thank us. You can always store your lippy in there too!

For more outfits you’ll thanks us for later, meet your new personal stylist.

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