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Written by Jane

The white shirt and blue jean combo need a serious update. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good white shirt with blue jeans moment here and there (made complete with black pumps or leather walkers), but there is so much more you can do with the classic denim. As the saying goes, fashion is a fad, but style is forever. Styling your trusty pair of blue jeans with different items will turn the outfit you wear when you can’t be bothered into a series of fashion moments. Here are 8 ways you can wear your blue jeans in style:

1. Bomber and Walker combo

Bomber jackets were originally created for military pilots and eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. From skinheads to streetwear adoption by brands such as Supreme, it is now a staple feature on high-end runways such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior. Style your jeans with a  textured (either silk or tweed) OR an embroidered bomber, a simple top and a heeled ankle boot. You will be street-fashion ready in no time.

2. Vivid Sweater and Sneakers

A statement sweat with vivid colours or an artwork pattern can be challenging to style, but it cannot be easier with a simple pair of jeans. A classic item matched with modern, daring items create the perfect yin and yang of fashion. Match your brightest, boldest sweater with your classic blue jean this weekend, finished with a colour-matched pair of sneakers. Style and comfort done in one go.

3. Geek Chic

A button up cannot do wrong. Dress in a modern button up with a sleeve or collar accent, paired with a straight cut blue jean. But avoid a white shirt to distance yourself from the conventional white – on – blue combo. Throw on a shoe with some height to add a chic element to the geeky ensemble.

4. Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is as chic as it is 90’s. Don’t focus on the shade of the jeans, tones are everything – if you have a cool tone jean, make sure to match it with a cool tone jean jacket. How to check if your denim piece is cool or warm toned? Stretch the wrong side of your denim under bright lights – if the undertone of the denim is yellow, it is warm. If the undertone is white, it’s cool toned.

5. Lustrous Statement Top 

Denim is matte in texture – hence why it is so versatile and easy to style with anything. In combatting this texture, choose a lustrous top with an interesting cut to instantly add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit. Classic blue jeans can balance the avante-gardeness of a statement top, whilst highlighting its design. A killer combo.

6. Trench, White Shirt, Jeans

I’m going to sound hypocritical here, as I am about to introduce the white shirt with jeans combo. The point here is that you can wear whatever you want and be free with your style choices and that includes a white top and some jeans (admittedly, I also fashion this combo all the time) – but style it up with your own flair. Have fun! What I particularly enjoy is a classic pale trench coat thrown on top of the white and blue ensemble. It is classic, easy, beautiful and practical. A perfectly logical head-to-toe outfit for the modern women.

7. Tweed on Denim

The tweed jacket needs no instruction. Since being invented by Mother Coco, the tweed jacket has been gracing all modern and classy women’s wardrobes. Pairing such a classic item with the classic blue denim only makes sense. Throw on your tweed jacket of any colour with a muted top (white, creme, pale pink, beige…) and blue denim, finished off with a pair of heeled shoes. Your classic yet casual outfit is ready to hit the streets.

9. Dress it up (literally)

Fashion Anarchy at its finest, wearing pants under a dress will seem as an obvious no-no for some people. But with the right dress, it could work. For example, throw on a modern dress preferably with some length (hitting below the knee) with straight denim and a white shirt underneath. Chic-it-up with a pair of designer shades and stilettos. Even put on a sneaker if you want to. Rebel with style.

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